The 27th Path

       The last path to be investigated under this supposition is the 27th Path connecting sphere 7, Netzach (Victory), with sphere 8, Hod (Splendor). The name of this path is The Exciting Intelligence. Letter Peh (פ) meaning ‘mouth’ as the organ of speech is assigned this path. As the lowermost reciprocal path on the Tree this implicates, Qabalists teach, that our human speech capabilities were evolved by the Creator as a balance between feelings and intellect. The driving Mars force propels our desires (Netzach) and propels our thoughts (Hod), and both impress our sub-conscious habits into physical action. Raw desires evoke raw actions. This energy originates from the One Life. That same One Life traverses through us. When we acquiesce to this fundamental truth and begin our conscious choice to cooperate with IT, our ‘personal’ lives eventually adjust. All genuine mystery schools instruct their students to cultivate the power of silence. Not only does it conserve the vital energies coursing through the body but, with discipline, it arrests the impulse to speak out before thinking. Although we are mostly subjected to the negative soundings of this force daily through all the media, we must not let the cacophony affect our resolve concerning the truth.


       The correct Tarot symbolism connected with this path is represented by the Tower Key. And the Tower represents planet Mars astrologically. Second in its importance under Love, the fiery Martial influence shoots through the entire Tree of Life in a zigzag pattern illustrated in the Tower Key. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and is exalted in Capricorn. Pluto is considered the ‘higher octave’ of Mars by esoteric astrologers.


       Fundamentally this Mars force is Chiah, the Life Force, which runs through the human organism as the Reproductive Force to be re-channeled when performing the Great Work. Chiah, חיה, begins its descent from the Triune One-Thing seated in Chokmah, sphere 2, from whence it traverses the 15th Path assigned the Emperor and Aries (ruled by Mars) into Tiphareth, BN (Ben, the Son) and the Central Ego. From the Sun Center the Mars quality is split. It travels the 24th Path assigned Scorpio (also ruled by Mars) into Netzach, our Desire Nature. It also travels from the Sun Center through the 26th Path assigned the Devil and Capricorn (where Mars is exalted). Mars then connects Netzach with Hod via the 27th Path where it stimulates and matures our intellectual apparatus. Here Hod divides the martial force again by two fiery paths. Qabalists teach that it is the ‘fire of mind’ that divides itself into the semblance of duality: one into Yesod, our astral sub-conscious via the 30th Path; the other into the sphere of sensations through 31st Path of the Pluto vibration (the higher octave of Mars). This descent of Chiah brings forth physical bodies into materialization. Thus is it shown that the propulsive martial energy, initiated from AB, the Father in Chokmah, directly effects every element of the human personality complex: the Central Ego, the Desire Nature, the Intellect, the Vital Soul and the Body of sensation.


       While the Tower illustrates an event of destruction, we see the source of this seemingly destructive power is from Ben, the Son, after union with Ab, the Father. Therefore it is force fundamentally beneficent at its root. It is the misinterpretation of this force which appears to our immature consciousness as detrimental and destructive. Those of us Descendants of Cain, yet unripe with understanding this, see it as inimical in our lives and therefore needlessly defend ourselves to all such appearances with warring from the personal to national levels.


       Those of us evoking the Descendants of Seth see and realize the difference in ourselves and in the world. Firstly the descendants of Seth understand that both expressions of the Mars force are in each of us, in you and me. We are ALL descendants of Cain and Seth. Furthermore, we are all Sons and Daughters of the esoteric Adam. Thus it is up to you and I to own up to the responsibility of changing the expressions of this force flowing through us. It is the primary force behind the Great Work, and indeed, entire creation.


       This is why this description of the journey up and into the Middle Pillar is ending with this 27th Path. If we are not able to face up to and reconcile this primary force within us, then any attempt to describe the conditions above this path is meaningless. Besides which, as it is stated clearly in the Epilogue of The Book of Tokens: “No man riseth to Ruach by his own power.” We prepare ourselves to be received of the Christ.

       Ruach is beyond the Pillars of Polarities, Mercy and Severity. Because of the two Pillars, described as the lineages of Cain and Seth, the physical world does exist. But the Central Self is not affected by the polarities. Many accept the delusion that the Central Self - God, if you will - favors or blesses one extreme over the other. So they are caught up in the judgements of 'good and bad, or 'heaven and hell'. Ruach is beyond these opposites, and beyond all our deluded concepts and judgements. 


       Due to its position on the Tree of Life the Mars force and the 27th Path is the first reciprocal element we come to on our Way of Return. Thus it is the first harmonizing influence in Rebis. It balances the Pillar of Mercy with the Pillar of Severity. Those of us yet strongly influenced by the immature energies disguised under the Descendants of Cain express this force by raw thoughts provoking raw actions. Tempering the Life Force accelerates consciousness and allows the Sons and Daughters of the Elohim, disguised under the Descendants of Seth, access to fourth dimensional awareness.


       We can always choose to continue as the Descendants of Cain, fight against the elements and all the inhabitants therein. Our powers of choice and discrimination are never taken from us, and we are never commanded. Accomplished Qabalists and genuine teachers of the Spirit constantly remind us of this. But, if we do choose that course we must also not begrudge the natural repercussions from those same elements. Or, we can take up our Central Cross daily and resolve to alter this course for ourselves before those elements of Nature well up and destroy us all.


       Again, additional information can be gathered by referring to the Glossary Section of this site and clicking on Letter Peh. May I also suggest reading all you can find under letter Peh and the 27th Path in Paul Foster Case’s True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order; the Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages; and the Book of Tokens (Meditations on the letters). Again, please do this research for yourself with every letter/path from the 24th through the 32nd Paths. Then seriously ponder it all.

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