The 28th Path

       As the 29th Path impresses our body cells with imagery during sleep, the 28th Path impresses the sub-conscious with imagery from meditation. Both paths are rooted in Netzach, which indicates that our Desire nature influences both our body cells and the vital soul seated in Yesod.


       Meditation is the only key by which we come to the higher knowledge and awareness. However, it is not ‘we’ who meditate. We do not even make the actual attempt to do so. Those who believe this delude themselves and do not keep up the discipline and practice for very long. We are ‘called’ to meditate. Not until subtle changes are affected or granted to our mental, emotional and physical states are we sufficiently prepared for meditation.


       Meditation is assigned this 28th path. On the Road of Return we begin with the 32nd path and work our way towards the 28th. It is not until ‘we’ have gone through the prior steps for some period that the subtle changes in our cellular consciousness necessitate the next natural step which calls for meditation. It is then we come ‘leaning’ into or ‘feeling’ an inner urge toward that next requirement. Reading and studying esoteric theories while feeding our body cells with sensible foodstuffs will create that healthy physical environment. When we become ‘ripe’ enough, and by that is meant intuitively aware of that call from the descendants of Seth’s line, that other half of Rebis, we settle down and succumb in response. We ‘feel’ that we should do this.


       Netzach, sphere 7, being the seat of the desire nature is assigned the Sphere of Venus. As for the metals (chakras, force centers) Copper is associated with Venus in alchemy. Each metal has three expressions which alchemists label Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. These coincide with the psychological expressions called super-conscious (Mercury), self-conscious (Sulfur) and sub-conscious (Salt).


       The natural tendency of our desires is purely selfish. When this swells out of control all our desires are still not enough. Alchemically speaking this condition is described as Our Copper steeped in Salt. Some alchemical writers call this Red Copper. Our sub-conscious (salt) habit patterns dictate our self-conscious desires totally. We spend all our time chasing our tails to appease illusions for ourselves.


       Meditation, again speaking alchemically, is the work of our Sulfur acting upon Mercury in Copper. When we “make Mercury of our metal Copper” (this is called White Copper), this suppresses the Salt tendencies. Meditating correctly automatically suppresses those sub-conscious habit patterns by replacing them with super-conscious tendencies. After a time those old habits just fall away. And we discover them fading in a most natural way. No effort. We simply lose our affinity in that direction; like one day laying aside our childhood toys and never picking them up again.


       The greatest benefit from meditation over the long period is the ‘re-channeling’ of the reproductive force (Kundalini) which we have squandered all through the time we were chasing false desires in that pursuit of happiness. Kundalini coils upward about the spinal column into the brain to stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. When these bodies in the brain are sufficiently stimulated they are opened slightly to perceive some measure of fourth dimensional awareness. It is common to misunderstand the rising of Kundalini. Many think that this is a one time event when full enlightenment is achieved; Kundalini is all of a sudden raised and Bingo! I’m enlightened! This may happen, of course, when blessed with total Cosmic Consciousness. In the meantime, however, Kundalini ‘trickles’ in small measures, barely perceptible at times as we grow with meditation practice. It feels like a very slight, erotic chill.


       We are slowly cooperating with a higher, inner force changing our human personality into an instrument acting as an agency. This new instrument will serve to manifest states of consciousness personified as the descendancy of Seth which will eventually overcome our tendencies personified as the line of Cain. Not to obliterate the descendants of Cain, but to blend the higher states of consciousness into physical bodies that will bring into manifestation a New World Order of the Ages.

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