The 29th Path

       This next, and simultaneous, path inward is the 29th Path connecting Malkuth to the seventh sphere, Netzach, Victory. To sphere נצח, Netzach (148) Qabalistic psychology assigns the seat of our Desire nature. The 29th Path connecting these two spheres is symbolized by Hebrew letter Qoph (ק) and the Tarot Key, The Moon. Letter Qoph is assigned the element water. Since the water descends into Malkuth from Netzach we may conclude this to be the ‘water of the sub-conscious’. In the supposition of Adam thru Seth – Genealogy II the evolution of the waters below and within the level of self-conscious awareness was muted during the unfolding development of civilization. Although we carried the Covenant of the Creator deep in the recesses of our hearts with hope, we were not yet able in conscience and consciousness to openly express the Seed of Spirit, the Seed of Seth. However, it has always been known by the Wise that a time would come for each of us from the line of Cain that such a conscience and consciousness would eventually out. In the oft repeated words of Lao Tze, “Evil men are the material with which the Sages work.”


       Despite all the multi-level advantages we have fabricated around us through millennia we are yet unhappy underneath, as the music group U2 laments aloud with the revitalized gospel dirge: “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!” For the most part that ache within us is rooted in misplaced desires. Heretofore mankind has always desired merely ‘to have’. When the One Light dawns and develops from within, our desires become refined and gradually mature into a yearning ‘to be’. Coexisting with this new desire is the waxing realization that our body vehicles are actually Temples of the One Life. More and more as this realization becomes fixed in the sub-conscious we acquiesce to the truth that to become whole again is to express the Wisdom, Power and Love flowing down from the super-conscious Christ-Ego within.


       Our physical bodies are actually the means by which we may effect direct contact with The Christ, the True One-Ego. When enlightenment comes to those of us duly prepared it comes from the physical Sun, through the sub-conscious into self-consciousness and our very physical bodies. What sets off this chain of events initially is our desire to want it so. The most direct link between the desire and the physical effect is through sleep of the physical body and the self-conscious mind. Therefore is this 29th Path titled the Corporeal Intelligence and with it is assigned Hebrew letter Qoph (ק), the Back of the Head. For it is during sleep that our most sought-after desires, and many of our answers to prayers, are impressed into the physical body’s cellular structure. Psalm 19:2 tells us: “...night unto night bringth (reveals) knowledge.” 


       If we are serious when this call waxes from within then we must change our habits before retiring to our beds. No longer can we persist in falling dead asleep in a drunken stupor. Nor can we dwell upon the dire events dramatically broadcast by ratings-hungry media to keep us in fear. Resist all temptations to fall asleep with ear plugs playing music, and never fall asleep with the television on in front of you. Messages go straight into the sub-conscious. These and other self-ingrained negative habits keep us in bondage and under control of the few. Our body cells are living, conscious entities who must follow the imagined instructions provided by the self-conscious mind and repeated habit patterns. They provide what we will. Poverty, sickness, inhibition, fear and more are ours in the making.


       All this can change when the new patterns imaged are changed in conjunction with what we chose intellectually. Read, study, learn and try to understand the messages of the 29th Path. Additional information can be gathered by referring to the Glossary Section of this site and clicking on Letter Qoph. May I also suggest reading all you can find under letter Qoph and the 29th path in Paul Foster Case’s True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order; the Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages; and the Book of Tokens (Meditations on the letters). Again, please do this research for yourself with every letter/path from the 24th through the 32nd Paths. Then seriously ponder it all.

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