The 30th Path

       On this Royal Road up into the Middle Pillar the work progresses with all aspects of our lower consciousness simultaneously. While tending to the needs of our physical laboratory we are slowly altering the views of the world with a renewing mind. Elementary psychology records how the mind can affect physical health. Moreover, we eventually become more cognizant of the mind’s power over the sub-conscious to affect changes deeper within us.


       Like the 31st Path, which connects Malkuth with Hod, the 30th Path connects Yesod with Hod. This means that while Hod, human intellect, has a direct effect upon our physical sensations and physical well-being, it also profoundly impresses the deep sub-conscious. Clinical psychology tells us the sub-conscious mind is always amenable to control by suggestion, principally suggestions from the self-conscious mind. This self-conscious mind, or intellect, is called Hod (hode) by Qabalists. By its 8th number on the Tree it ranks closer to Kether and therefore over (or more inward than) spheres 9 and 10. Therefore Hod’s influence is greater, causing many of us to fall into intellectual servitude.


       Due to that servitude and other imbalances within us we have allowed our intellectual hubris to impress the sub-conscious in ways actually detrimental to our own progress. Unfortunately we are all victims of this phenomena, we really do not know what we are doing. We inherited this whole side of the Tree over millennia from Adam through Cain’s descendancy. Rectification with the imbalances within us can only come from our desire to do so, and that begins with the message in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Historically the pattern of this world has been set by the descendancy of Cain which we still hold most dear. It is an extraordinary effort to divorce our personal mental patterns from that of the mass mind.


       The psychological and social sciences are yet in their infancy relative to human history. The fundamental error with amending sub-conscious patterns by suggestion from the self-conscious level is what has brought us to this brink in the first place. Mankind has always known, intrinsically, that sub-consciousness responds to self-conscious ways and means. Heretofore man just did not know consciously how this was so, or of the intimacy between the pair, nor did man even have conscious awareness of such a duel partnership, let alone have actual names for each. However, the power to do so was inherent within his consciousness to even survive the multitude of obstacles through its evolution in this early brutal world. The simple suggestions given to his equally primitive sub-conscious mind through millennia has been one of crude and brutish combat for all that was necessary to stay alive. We cannot fault the early humans for behaving so. Their faculties were simply not yet developed enough to act and react differently. They still aren't.


       As our evolution progressed a select few at the forefront of the 'bell curve' were coming into the awareness of two differing modes within us, this Rebis thing, they named it. Even further along it dawned within our awareness that not only were there two aspects within, but a third, more influential impetus came from something even deeper within.


       Look at Tarot Trump, key 19, The Sun, which is the key on the path between Hod and Yesod. The children (in the B.O.T.A. version) are equal. They represent the renewed self-conscious and sub-conscious modes within us constituting the renewed personality adjusted by the realizations of their rightful relationship. The Rebis mentioned earlier becomes one with each other and one with the power above them. It is the Sun itself that ultimately renews our minds. The Hermetic axiom states most clearly: “The Great Work is performed by the action of the Sun and the Moon with the aid of Mercury.” This is the only path on the Tree illustrating these three elements together.


       No longer does self-consciousness, habitually obsessed with its survival, give desperate suggestions which ultimately wreak havoc upon itself, others and its environment. All resultant activities performed from correctly receiving instructions from the One Life play out as perfect harmony for all concerned. The ultimate positive effect is the relationship within oneself, spilling out toward harmonious relationships with the opposite sex and reverberating throughout communities, a Utopian society.


       Yes, well, we can see how far we have yet to go, and how much must yet be done.

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