The Big Bang


       The Big Bang, as far as I am able to deduce by reading and watching the multiple explanations and presentations concerning it, is that the physical universe was to have 'poured out' from one infinitesimal point somewhere within space. The Big Bang theory, according to most astrophysicists, is just theory, among others. We are currently led to understand the theory was first noted by one Georges Lemaitre in 1927. And according to that 'standard,' it is still the current prevailing opinion that it was also a 'singular' event. The scientific consensus, however, is that it is not known from whence or why this 'singularity' took place. It is beyond the ken of science; and is also beyond their ability to know since science can only study what they can measure. And what they measure are effects. The causes behind these effects are, according to most of this world's esoteric literature are mystical, arcane and invisible, and therefore unknowable to the physical sciences.

       Astrophysicists also harbor misconceptions around these current theories. One such is the argument that space did not exist prior to the supposed Big Bang. And yet the Big Bang was to have occurred within space.

       Yet astrophysics and esoterica are beginning to merge within certain parameters. They are both in agreement that the physical universe began from No-Thing. And it began with intense heat.

       The ancient Qabalah presents this within its initial Dogma:

       First there was אין, AIN, 'no, nothing, not,' or 'the negative existence.' Neither the Qabalah nor science can explain this thoroughly or even satisfactorily. In Dogmatic Qabalah this principle is termed the First Veil of the Absolute. There are three such Veils so-named in that all attempts with any detailed description remains obscure and beyond our limited cognition. Our brains with its lesser mental neuron mechanics are finite attempting to explain the inexplicable Infinite.

       Sequentially, according to Dogmatic Qabalah, is the Second Veil of the Absolute, אין סוף, AIN SUPh, 'limitless space,' also commonly translated as 'The Boundless.' This basically differs with some authorities in the astrophysics arena. And this, to my way of reasoning in any case, is originally The Big Bang. The 'bursting out' with space, as described and recorded in the Sepher Yetzirah, with infinite expansion in six directions of three-dimensional awareness is the initial creation.

       Astrophysicists are of the opinion that the 'bang' splurged out physical matter, and all the galaxies in space from some single point perhaps the size of a marble. All those supposed billions of galaxies from that one point, and just 13.7 billion years ago. If this were so, by my reckoning, then that 'point' would needs be yet spilling out star-stuff matter, ever creating an expanding universe. Unless, someone or something, turned that spigot off. The Qabalah teaches that there was yet no physical manifestation of anything whatever from AIN or AIN SUPh.

       Then next, from Dogmatic Qabalah, the Third Veil of the Absolute emerged. This third veil is defined as אין סוף אור, AIN SUPh AUR, 'the Limitless Light.' This Divine Substance completely fills Infinite Space, the Second Veil, and every point within that space is the center of the Universe.

       Rather than the physical side of the universe evolving from a single elusive point somewhere in the vastness of space, galaxies, I surmise, emerged from multitudinous points. From any point wherever the Living, Loving, Omniscient Mind-stuff of the Creator may project a physical anything. It begins with Divine Intent. A point is chosen. Immediately the Universal Mind Matter of the Creator, AIN SUPh AUR, begins whirling about the said point in a conical, tornado-like funnel, compacting ever tighter, still in the invisible, fourth dimensional side. The immense matter coalesces an ever tighter compaction until it finally bursts out into the physical side of experience with an entirely immeasurable heat. The blast continues its spiraling, now outwardly, roiling out star-stuff plasma to form a center of a galaxy. This It does from numberless points, not merely one point, throughout Infinite Space, AIN SUPh.

       Air and Space Magazine featured an article as far back as the Dec'92/Jan'93 issue. It was the second article in a series titled Let There Be Light – How do cold dark clouds of gas and dust give rise to nuclear fires that brighten the universe? In it astronomers seek the answer to the ages-old question: How do stars come into existence? Their most frustrating problem (yet at this writing) is that the initial formation of stars is blocked visually by the immense, dense cloud cover of gases, some of which measure 300 light-years in section. This may always remain the case until instrumentation becomes available to peer through those outer edges of the cloud blanket. They are working on this. The center, however, will appear no different from the edges, in my opinion, save being denser and more compact, and burning brighter. The epi-center is a cloud of radiant gases, coalesced and compacted into a plasma-like substance forming out of a thermonuclear vortex. Astronomer, Karen Strom, almost said it on page forty of the magazine article:

“I'm working on little groups of stars within the cloud now,” she says, “because I think they're the seeds....Star formation really goes on there, and the stars slowly escape from there and populate the rest of the cloud. We see these groups of stars during the window in time when they are old enough to have burned off some of their placental gas but are still clinging to one another in the place where they were born.”


       A peer astronomer, Charles Lada, asked of their formation: “How does nature know how to do that?”

       Omniscience is intrinsic within the mind-stuff of AIN SUPh AUR. The astronomical and physical sciences yet refuse to accept the idea that the Matter they continue to investigate is a LIVING and OMNISCIENT MATTER! The Intent of Omniscience spurs tremendous Omnipotence by moving immense masses of Its own Omnipresence 'to collapse' under its own gravity about a central, ere-fixed point. The invisible Matter bursts through, out into the physical side, which the Bible calls 'The Day,' to become the intense fires in suns and stars. Stars come out from that central cloud of 'gas,' mentioned above, which, in turn, is sourced out from a black hole. There are countless black holes, pulling in as well as pushing out, throughout infinite space.

       Once more, all those suns and stars pushed out from the center of a galactic vortex are LIVING BEINGS. Their liveliness is sustained from the invisible side, just as our lives are sustained from that same Invisible Life. A sun novas when its Central Life is withdrawn. We die when that same Central Life is withdrawn from our physical bodies.


       To claim that all the billions of galaxies out there poured out from merely one point in that vast ocean of emptiness seems entirely unreasonable. Would that not make those billions of galaxies all the same age? It appears so much more plausible that galaxies by the thousands, if not millions or billions, burst out from multiple points within this infinite 'nowhere' by some orderly progression since the immeasurable beginning on through the never-ending forever. And by this same orderly progression it seems quite reasonable that humans evolved on this physical planet from several locations relatively simultaneously and independent from each other rather than from one lovely garden somewhere.

       Some astrophysicists are also tending to conclude that black holes just might lie within the center of galaxies. I surmise that if all the galaxies were to have come from a single source point, why do all these separate galaxies continue to birth stars at their individual centers? The centers of physical galaxies are radiating solar systems outward by a centrifugal force, not by gathering “dark clouds and gas” towards the center as the above article suggested. The centripetal force is on the invisible side gathering AIN SUPh AUR.

       There are some black holes within space that do absorb matter and galaxies with a centripetal force. But whatever might be drawn in from here must, of necessity, be pushed out somewhere there. Black holes can be active either way. Whatever goes into a Black Hole must come out elsewhere from a White Hole to balance universal forces. There are some astrophysicists who would agree that this is a very likely possibility.

       I am not attacking science. I would most prefer being born into a science over any religion that has been forced upon us. We have to credit science with at least admitting that they simply do not know some things. And when proven wrong science will also readily adjust to the new data. Where would we all be today without scientific penetration into the physical and natural forces that surround us? Science, with all its myriad branches, has helped humanity immeasurably through every path of human evolution. It is the collective arrogance within the scientific community to declare it the 'be-all' and 'end-all' of human endeavors. It dismisses with a wave of the hand any proclamation of knowledge and awareness beyond its facts. Centuries of esoteric wisdom and experience are discharged as superstition or complete ignorance. However, while science will admit to fumbling with some current unproven theories, they also turn a blind eye toward any explanation of new phenomena as implausible if from outside their own community. It is this haughty pride that I find so frustrating. Why will not these physical scientists at least read and ponder some esoterica?

       There actually are answers to many of science's questions surrounding the origins of the universe, and the human's place in it. Science just doesn't seem to want to listen. So, yes, I maintain that science will always trudge fifty to five-hundred years behind the truly enlightened intelligentsia in any period.

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