The Dust of the Earth

Revised: January 2020


Genesis 3:19 "...for dust thou art, and to dust thou wilt return." – The Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament.


       Minerals are quite literally the dust of the Earth. However, not all those varied type minerals are fit for human consumption. In fact, none of them are if consumed directly from nature in the raw. We don't eat dirt. For the necessary mineral groups to be ingested efficaciously into the human organism they must have a medium. Vegetation absorbs mineral dust. Animals eat vegetation. Humans eat the veggies and animals. It has always been that way. The most ancient wise men knew and taught this in the form of the 47th Proposition of Euclid. Google it. Or refer to Manly P. Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages under the chapter of the same title.

       Euclid was a Greek philosopher from around 300 BC. The familiar 3, 4, 5 right triangle was adopted and adapted by Euclid, having been influenced by Pythagoras, the father of the Pythagorean Triangle (or Theorem). Many of us became acquainted with his initial mathematical a² + b² = c² equation in high school. Or maybe not.

       Anyway, the erudite, through their mystery schools (perhaps due to Pythagoras himself and his Mystery School), adapted this very triangle to present an esoteric premise which later became an important symbol in the ancient philosophers' alchemical manuscripts. The three sides became the three levels of consciousness in today's psychological sciences: super-consciousness, self-consciousness and sub-consciousness. The ancients were well aware of these three phases or levels of the One Consciousness, but had not the modern terms for them. They were disguised under myriad titles. The ones that genuine philosopher alchemists of any period preferred to use were Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt, respectively.

       Sketch out a 3, 4, 5 triangle for yourself. The concepts will stick with you if you do this. Much better than gawking at a pic and forgetting it. Then segment the three sides in equal units. The upright side of 3 units, at the left of the sketch, can be segmented into thirds, and the base side into 4 sections, drawn out to the right. This leaves the 5 side, the hypotenuse, segmented into 5 equal sections. The upright side with 3 sections were assigned three levels of consciousness. The top-most was assigned Mercury, the ancient metaphor for Super-consciousness; the middle section to Sulfur, or Self-consciousness, while the bottom section was assigned to Salt, or Sub-consciousness. All three modes of this line are essentially the One, Super, All-Consciousness with levels, phases or degrees within Itself. Qabalists would recognize the Super-conscious mode as Kether, the Crown, on the Tree of Life.

       To the base line of the figure with the 4 sections the ancients assigned the basic elements fire, water, air and earth. The first section from the 90º corner angle at the left, closest to the upright Salt section, is attributed to fire. The following other three are then assigned to water, then air, then lastly earth at the 37º angle to the right. This base line is considered Nature. Ultimately, however, Nature is also the One God, albeit Its feminine, Sub-conscious mode. Qabalists equate this with Binah.

       Qabalists and alchemical philosophers alike had much to say concerning the gematria surrounding numbers 90, 37 and 53, which form the three interior angles of the above triangle. To explore it all here, however, would include too much information tangential to what is being presented.

       The diagonal line with 5 units, the hypotenuse mathematically speaking, represents the ascent of Self-consciousness (by this is meant being conscious of the True SELF within us) begins at the 37º angle. Qabalists would equate this ascent of the Desire/Fire/Life within Chokmah as evolving incarnate. The 5 ascending segments are attributed to the mineral kingdom in the first position from the right, at the 37º angle. The second segment upwards is assigned to the vegetable kingdom; the third to the animal kingdom; the fourth to the human kingdom. The fifth and last segment represents that kingdom beyond genus Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. It is the next evolutionary step to unfold within us. We might consider this evolutionary step that of the ultimate spiritually realized Adept, Yogi, Alchemist, Magician, Master, Christ Incarnate, and other titles in this genre.

       So the ascent of the pure All-Consciousness into ever higher physical forms for the purpose of developing Self-consciousness, and higher, begins at the 37º angle.  At this beginning point the 'earth' segment in the base line meets the 'mineral' segment on the ascending line. On the other end of the figure, at the 90º angle, the lower-most segment of that upright 3-unit line is Salt, the Sub-consciousness mode of the All-Consciousness. Prior to and at that evolutionary stage of our planet the entire unfolding creation is performed at profoundly deep levels of the Universal Sub-conscious Mind, aka Binah.

       It evolves earthy substances inhabited by the tiniest micro-organisms not by chance, not by random selection, and not intended for the survival of the fittest, but of necessity. The ocean of Intelligent Liquid Light Substance, אין סוף אור, AIN SUPh AUR, is fabricating the fundamental mineral elements which, after billions of years, will serve as the foundation for the evolution of pure, sentient consciousness into animated substance, into us, and beyond. It has done this, is continuing to do this, and shall do so into the endless future because the spiritual essence which is creating all of it is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, inclusive.

       The next segment up the hypotenuse representing ascending Self-consciousness, evolves the vegetable kingdom co-mixing and mingling the cold, dry properties in earth, with the hot, moist properties in air. These are the first two segments on the base line from the 37º angle. The vegetable kingdom is still primarily created from the level of the Universal Sub-conscious mind. We call it Nature, but Nature is still the One God. However, here in this kingdom, the very early rudiments of the unfolding Universal Self-consciousness is making its debut through vegetation. We all know today that vegetation is very much alive and with its primitive intelligence, sensitive to all outside stimuli.

       On up the ascending scale, with properties cold and moist, the elemental water from the base line co-mixes and mingles with the previous air and earth elements to evolve the earliest consciousness of 'self' within the animal kingdom, from its minuscule to its gigantic, and to its semi-conscious members which are forming the extreme rudiments of personality.

       The fire of mind, added to all of that which had preceded, evolved higher mammals and primates and the crudest, bi-pedal humanoids fabricating tools to overcome and shape its environment. All the above, albeit an abbreviated, simplistic overview, had its earliest beginnings from the dust of the earth, minerals. The Grand Alchemical Process is the created Universe as we experience it now with all its inhabitants.

       So here we are now, supposedly aware of being aware, and at the cusp of that 5th segment on the hypotenuse. There is no longer any excuse. We must take responsibility. We have overcome and shaped our environment. And see what we have wrought. Up to the point of Homo Sapiens-Sapiens the Universal Mind has been the Primary Mover and Shaker. God, through Nature (that is, through Itself) has fashioned an organism through millions of years that is now capable of complete self destruction or, through conscious cooperation and participation, the completion of Omniscience and Omnipotence incarnate. We have trundled through the ages, believing all along that it was us from the get-go. Now we are realizing that we have been out of control through all of it from that beginning. We are at the brink, and God help us.

       But God does not and will not help us unless we help ourselves, because WE are God. Well, as yet an imperfect reflection of IT. This is the point in our evolution where mankind overcomes mankind by invoking, nurturing and developing the God spark within us. We, as partners, must take an active role and cooperate with That Which Is toward the manufacture of the God-Man forthcoming. This is Magnum Opus, the Great Work. All human efforts through the centuries pale by comparison.

       For God Incarnate to surface through us, however, calls for a physical vehicle capable of receiving the habitation of the Most High. A shoddy house will not do. We have already proved this. For the Light of the Almighty to manifest through us, consciously here and now, necessitates a physical vehicle capable of withstanding the intense heat and Love that would normally incinerate a corrupt corpus.

       The Christ level of Consciousness, evolved through genuinely advanced Yogis, Adepts and Masters, are able to de-materialize their physical bodies and re-materialize them at will. This was demonstrated by the Master Jesus at the Transfiguration, and again at His Ascension. Both of these events were witnessed as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. This is possible, and could be performed by any genuine master or adept who has attained that level, because their physical bodies are constructed of cellular consciousness imbue with Light Substance.

       All masters who have gone this way before us also tell us that we, too, may attain this level of consciousness. They also narrate that they all were one time at the very levels that we are presently. They began as we must, with the optimal balance of the Dust of the Earth within us.

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