The Road of Return

       The “Way of Return” in Hebrew is דרך חזרה, derekh chazarah. This is at once interesting because its gematria is quite pointed, summing to 444. A Literal Qabalist would immediately reduce this to 12 and mentally revert to the Hanged Man in Tarot symbolism. The image alone is one of the most iconic with regard to utter surrender, the simplest, most direct passage to the Central Self. Number 444 also sums to מקדש, miqedesh, ‘temple, sanctuary’. And this refers to the “Holy Temple in the Midst,” which is Hebrew letter ת, tau or tav, posited at the Central Point in the Cube of Space. Rearrangement of these same letters reveals דמשק, dameshq, ‘Damascus,’ the place so important in the Rosicrucian Manifestos where Brother C.R. began his work in the Physical Laboratory to alter blood chemistry. For דמשק, is also dam seq, דמ שק, ‘blood sack.’ Complete explanation for this bit is offered in The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order by Paul F. Case. It might also be noted and pondered that Saul, in Acts 9:3,27, was enlightened on the road to Damascus, then began his ministry work from there. All this distilled from 444.


       With regarding the physical laboratory work include this. The Latin for “Way of Return” is viam reditus, totaling to 128, which is also the number of vinum uter, ‘wine skin’. In the esoteric sense ‘wine’ has always been synonymous with blood. And in the parable of Mark 2:22 the very same lesson was hinted there as in the Rosicrucian Manifesto with Damascus.


       There are other Hebrew expressions for ‘return’. One important one Qabalistically is תשובה, teshubah. It can also suggest many nuances, but of importance here is, ‘return; repentance’. The implication is that the very act of cleansing our ‘physical laboratory’ is one of ‘repentance’ as well. Repentance has morphed into many arduous, even torturous, acts upon one’s physical self through the centuries. All very needless. Misunderstood through those times, religious repentance called for self flagellations with switches or branches, even leather whips with barbed tips, to draw blood in some pseudo demonstration of piety or penance.


       When we take up the concerted effort to prepare our physical temples with intent of altering the course of our existence, we are automatically and simultaneously traveling the repentant road of the Prodigal Son on his “Way of Return” home. All is truly forgiven. The Father rejoices in our efforts.


       To begin the Great Work with cleansing our Temple, and finding our Way out of the illusion which overwhelms, we need a map. The Tree of Life is that map. It begins with the symbol of Malkuth. When we look at this Tree and at Malkuth we see that the tenth sphere is sectioned into four colored quarters named fire, water, air and earth. These are the ancient names for the elements, and taken literally as such with commentaries about their makeup and compatibles. Fire is hot and dry, reconciled by Air which is hot and moist. Fire is also reconciled by Earth which is dry and cold, but incompatible with Water which is cold and moist, etc., around the four elements. This is all well and good for certain levels of investigation. In the physical world’s sciences these are now classified as radiant energies, fluids, gasses and solids.


       For our alchemical purposes here, however, using the Tree of Life to aid the perfection of human consciousness and its physical vehicle, fire, water, air and earth esoterically symbolize Light, Water, Breath and Food. With the combination of these elements Consciousness builds physical vehicles. With sensible combination of these elements we begin our correction, our return. We start here. Adepts and Masters aware of more subtleties yet concerning these ‘elements’ are able to maintain physical bodies in total health far longer than generic humanity. They have done so in the past and continue to do so today.


       Fad diets there are, by the thousands. Avoid them, unless we are under a strict dietary regime from a physician’s care for particular medical reasons. Otherwise you and I and the millions of people out there all have unique physical and chemical combinations that blanket-diets simply cannot address. Learn your own unique physical and chemical particulars. In the Articles Section on this site there is one titled “From Dust Thou Art”. In the sub-section of that article titled “Astrological Considerations” we can discover pointers, through the use of Astrology combined with tissue cell salts, by which we may come to know the uniqueness of our personal composition. There are other methods out there by which we may come to a similar solution.


       As difficult as new dietary regimens might be for some of us, if our resolve is firm, it eventually becomes easier. It actually becomes more desirous as the cells in our bodies become healthier and we become a little more addicted to the subsequent all-around good feeling as a result. We grow into the benefits whether or not we are spiritually inclined with the doing. Whatever our motive, this stage of the Great Work is called the physical work, preparing the physical laboratory of our body-temple. The cellular structure of our temple must be able to hold the influx of light, that Resplendent Intelligence of Malkuth, which we will be invoking into it.

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