Tin is the Metal of the Jupiter Center. When analyzing Tin or any of the metals we must explore all the subtleties the combined attributions afford us. De Elemento Aquae, Tract III., c,6 says of Tin:

"Tin, or Jupiter is pure Mercury coagulated with a small quantity of Salt, but combined with a larger proportion of white Sulphur. It derives its colours, white, yellow, or red, from its Mercury. Its sublimation is also by Mercury, and its resolution by Salt, and it is sublimed and resolved by these."


       Mercury, Sulphur and Salt are three modes or expressions in all the metals or chakras. Here the quotation explains optimum results of the sublimed energies from the Jupiter Chakra when one has succeeded purifying 'Our Tin.' White, yellow and red are the colors of Ida (Lily), Sushumna, and Pingala (Rose) respectively. These are the left, center and right nerve currents of the sympathetic nervous system composing Kundalini, the Serpent Power. Notice the use of 'white Sulphur,' that is, purified desires in the Jupiter Center acting upon Mercury to suppress Salt tendencies. The derivation of these colors is created by making Mercury of the metal Tin. The same Mercury sublimates the higher expressions in the Jupiter Center. The highest expression of Jupiter, astrologers tell us, is loving compassion.


       Hebrew has two words for Tin. The first, בדיל, bedil, totals 46 by gematria. Chapter IV in Aesch Metzareph opens with:

"Bedil, Tin; in Natural Science, this metal is not greatly used; for as it is derived by Separation, so its Matter remains separate from the Universal Medicine."1


       The sphere of Jupiter is fourth on the Qabalistic Tree. It is below the three supernals, under and first below the Great Abyss. There is no manifestation above or within this Abyss. The first three compose the Universal Medicine (one thing), but Jupiter is the first separation out from them, and It. The sphere of Saturn, the third sphere, is a contracting power within Prima Materia, AIN SUPh AUR, or Universal Mercury. With a twisting, whirling motion, Jupiter (Chesed) bursts the invisible substance into the first physical manifestation of the 'Day.' It brings the Hidden Light into the visible world. This is the primary beneficence of Chesed. The God-name for Chesed and the fourth sphere is אל, el, the 'One,' the gematria of which, 31, sums to 4 by Theosophical Reduction. AL means 'strength, power, and might,' basically. The God-name used thirty-two times in the first chapter of Genesis, is אלהים, elohim. When Qabalists break the Hebrew word into its components, the result is AL and HIM. הים, ha-im, is Hebrew for 'into the sea.' Elohim, in the esoteric sense then, translates as Strength, Power or 'Might into the Sea' of manifestation.


       Bedil is the name for Tin in its early, immature state or the raw metal expression. Ros, Latin for Dew, shares number 46 with BDIL. The shared number value hints the potential for the raw expression when turned into bestowal, the basic quality behind Jupiter and Chesed. The 'Dew of Heaven' alluded to by many alchemists is that heavenly agent which adheres to matrices of imagination. Omnia, the 'all,' the Universe, sums to 46. This hints ALL in manifest existence is constituted of this beneficent Dew and its bestowal to all life. To share in Jupiter's magnificence and beneficence is to become an Exempt Adept, a Master of Compassion. In the Tibetan tradition this is equal to Chenrezig (shen ra zee), whose symbol is a four-armed embodiment of Compassion. The bestowal of forgiveness, good-will, loving kindness and generosity on all levels are expressed from those whose 'white Sulphur' acts upon Mercury to suppress the Salt tendencies in Tin.


       The second word form for Tin, בעץ, baotz, is also the word for 'pewter,' a mixture of tin and lead. BOTz is a perfect example of 'red Sulphur' acting upon Salt to suppress the Mercury expression in Tin. BOTz sums to 162. Two words sharing this number illustrate the effects of a Jupiter Chakra steeped in Salt tendencies. First is עצב, ezev, 'sadness'; then, בצע, baza, 'unjust, ill-gotten gain.' These are the reverse of a Master of Compassion's attitude of universal beneficence. Selfishly withholding, stealing or in any way constricting the free-flow bestowal of love, warmth, compassion and generosity is living a life of sadness, a reflection on the state of affairs in the world at this turning point in our history. This creates more constriction within the force center, which reciprocates more sadness. The downward tailspin continues for each of us until we redirect our Red Sulphur from Salt, into White Sulphur toward its Mercury, alchemically speaking.


       Lastly, the quotation from Aesch Metzareph hints Tin “is derived by Separation.” Jupiter is the exalted power in Cancer and in the fourth step, SEPARATION (see same). Refer to its definition for a more complete investigation of Tin.

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