Transparent Stone


       This is the most unique particularization of the Universal Stone, the First Matter. It is equivalent to the Transparent Jewel of Yoga philosophy, represented in India as a precious jewel or colored dot on the forehead. In alchemical traditions it is under the guise of myriad names. Commonly it is hinted as the 'Secret Crystal.' All these metaphors refer to the fullest maturation of the pineal gland. The Caduceus of Hermes is its most common symbol, later adopted and adapted by modern medical science. Today’s Caduceus symbol used by the medical profession has lost all semblance of its original inner import. Ask many medical doctors or nurses the meaning behind this professional symbol and they most probably will not have a clue. What is now reduced to a winged globe on a staff used to be represented by a winged pine cone. In full color the cone was reddish-white (as the actual cone-shaped pineal body) and perched atop a yellow staff (Sushumna) which was entwined by red and white serpents (Ida and Pingala or Rose and Lily). Bluish-white wings, representing inhaled Prana, flanked the cone. The caduceus was carried by Mercury since Kundalini Power is excited chiefly by his aid, that is, self-consciousness. In the early stages of the Work our self-conscious mind initiates the process. Completion, however, is delivered by Universal Mercury. From Man, The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries, Mr. Manly Palmer Hall offers additional insight in the chapter, 'The Pineal Gland, The Eye of the Gods':

"The thyrsus, or sceptre of the Greek Mysteries, consisted of a staff surmounted by a pine cone and twisted about with grape and ivy leaves. The whole form of this sceptre is symbolic of the spinal cord, its Nadis and plexuses, the pineal gland, and the pneumogastric nerve, all closely related to the mysteries of regeneration. The pineal gland is described by Santee as “a cone-shaped body (corpus pineale) 6mm. (0.25 in.) high and 4mm. (0.17 in.) in diameter, joined to the roof of the third ventricle by a flattened stalk, the habenula...” The interior of the pineal body is made up of closed follicles surrounded by in-growths of connective tissue. The follicles are filled with epithelial cells mixed with calcareous matter, the brain sand (acervulus cerebri)."1


       Brain sand is a yellowish granular material. Slowly, through alchemical processes, the brain sand begins to coagulate into a gel, then eventually fixes into a gum and finally is fused solid into a transparent amber stone – an actual Secret Crystal. The final fusion is affected by the electrical current, Kundalini. The ringing we sometimes hear in the center of the head is the pineal gland when its narrow tip is stimulated into vibration by the Serpent Power. Alchemical writings refer to the gland and its 'ringing' vibration as the Amber Bell.


       A word of caution might be in order here. The ringing in the inner ear should not be confused with the common ear ailment, tinnitus. The real Amber Bell affects a most pleasant sensation in the happy recipient, creating a smile since the high pitched ringing sound brings with it a joyous, tickling sensation in the very center of the brain. All this is part of the 'Woman's Work,' affecting our evolution. Laus Deo! Every time we hear (and feel) this ringing we are maturing! The whole process may be accelerated from self-conscious levels, through alchemy. It takes years of study, sensible diet, prayer, meditation and White Sulphur affecting all the interior metals for the sand to coalesce through the stages. The final stage is brought to fruition by the sole Grace of God, Almighty. None can fool Him. Concerning the gum stage of this Stone, the Eighteenth Dictum in the Turba Philosophorum reads:

"The seekers after this Art must know that the Philosophers in their books have described gum in many ways, but it is none other than permanent water, out of which our precious stone is generated. O how many are the seekers after this gum, and how few there are who find it! Know that this gum is not ameliorated except by gold alone. For there be very many who investigate these applications, and they find certain things, yet they cannot sustain the labours because they are diminished... Know ye that our gum is stronger than gold, and all those who know it do hold it more honourable than gold, yet gold we also honour, for without it the gum cannot be improved. Our gum, therefore, is for Philosophers more precious and more sublime than pearls, because out of gum with a little gold we buy much. Consequently, the Philosophers, when committing these things to writing that the same might not perish, have not set forth in their books the manifest disposition, lest every one should become acquainted therewith, and having become familiar to fools, the same would not sell it at a small price."2


       Permanent Water is yet another name for the First Matter, AIN SUPh AUR. The name is derived from the letter Mem, called the 'Stable Intelligence' in Sepher Yetzirah. Yet is this universal mind-matter also called DEW OF HEAVEN (see same). In The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, the whole alchemical process is most adequately described in Part II, titled Mercuius de Mercurio. It is esteemed the most important description of the First Matter, and of the whole Art. In part, it says of the Transparent Stone:

"The best dew is the one which is coagulated like an Electrum or like transparent Amber. This heavenly Dew and its power is contained in everything. It is treated by the world with contempt and rejected by it. As it grows it becomes divided into two branches, white and red; both springing from one Y. This substance grows out of that, appearing like a white and red Rose of Jericho, and blooming like a Lily in the valley of Josaphat."3


       Electrum, Latin for Amber, holds letter-value 87, that of פז, phez, 'pure gold,' the special spelling of that substance when it refers to the sixth sphere, Tiphareth, in Aesch Metzareph. Eliphas Levi sometimes spelled out the Universal Agent as AZOT (אזעט). The letters sum to 87. AZOT, Levi's Great Magical Agent, is the Gold Light in the Turba quotation, “...that this gum cannot be ameliorated except by gold alone...and without it the gum cannot be improved.” Limitless Light from Tiphareth, super-consciousness, completes this process. The Turba mentions that sages “described gum in many ways.” In Splendor Solis, Solomon Trismosin described it as Gummi Aurum, 'Gold Gum,' which sums 128. This number is shared with Lapis Aureus, 'Gold Stone,' and Menstruum, 'monthly.' Today, Menstruum commonly refers to the female cycle, but it also means 'solvent,' a blood solvent. The blood solution so important in the alchemical process is Aurum Potabile, the prepared 'potable gold' blood charged with subtle essences from healthy glands, organs, and the all-important Virgin's Milk. The female 'monthly,' put down as a discomforting inconvenience by many, was revered in ages past as the 'power time' giving women an edge into fourth dimensional awareness. Yaqui Indian Knowledge described a sorceress's Menstruum as a portal to knowledge not afforded the males. Societies remaining close to earth magic still ritualize this period.


       Gemma Pellucida, 'Transparent Jewel,' sums to 112. Each, Prima Materia and Lac Virginis, shares 112. Since both terms have been examined frequently in this site, there is no need again here. Ample hints abound. Lapis Pellucidus, 'Transparent Stone,' totals 163, as Gummi Pellucidus, 'Transparent Gum,' and Imus Coelestis, 'Celestial Slime.' This last term is another reference to the Universal First Matter appearing as an unctuous, milky viscosity, like sperm, throughout the fourth dimension, and as Virgin's Milk within our bodies. Lastly, Gummi for 'Gum' holds numeral value 57. Bonum, 'Good or Utility,' and Lumen, 'Light,' each totals 57. That the Gum exudes these qualities is an understatement. Hebrew for 'ability, power, strength, wealth, and riches' is און, own, adding to 57. In the Turba quotation it is intimated that “our gum is stronger than gold...and because of it...we buy much.” Any Adept in possession of the Amber Stone within lacks for nothing imagined. If one chooses, the Blessed now possesses all the power and ability with which to manufacture the Red Stone outside. Except for demonstrative purposes, however, such an Adept, Yogi, Magician, Alchemist or Master would have no real need to make it. The quotation from Genesis 27:28 is descriptive of all that is necessary:

“So God give thee of the dew of heaven, And plenty of the fat places of the earth, And plenty of corn and wine.”


       Dagan, דגן, translated as 'corn' in the Masoretic Text of this Old Testament verse (but as Wheat in other versions) sums to 57. Could not a yellowish kernel of corn adequately symbolize the secret Amber Gum? The Heavenly Dew, the Virgin's Milk, the charged blood (wine), and the Amber Gum are all the faculties necessary to sustain any consciousness through the many mansions of His Universe. The Transparent Stone, then, is the highest and fullest evolutionary expression of AIN SUPh AUR in the physical plane. From its original state it evolved through the kingdoms into human consciousness, wherein as Lac Virginis it permeates the blood, traversing veins and arteries to the frontal lobe of the brain, into the pineal gland. If our desires have been pure enough, for long enough, the Grace of God Almighty will bless our enterprise by raising the Red and the White to crystallize the Stone of the Wise. Praise be unto God, Almighty, Who is the Beginning, Middle and End of this Work!

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