V, Vav, ו


        Vav or Vau, ו, transcribed as 'V' or 'U,' numeration 6, means 'nail.' The numeration of the whole letter-name וו is 12, and when spelled out in plenitude, וו וו, VV VV, equals 24. Qabalists assign Vav to the Hierophant Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the sixteenth path connecting Chokmah (Universal Self-Consciousness) to Chesed (Universal Memory). This path is called שכל נצחי, Saykel Netzachi, the 'Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence.' As presented in The Tarot by Dr. Paul Foster Case, Qabalists assign Intuition to the Hierophant and its path. It would seem reasonable for Intuition to be the Triumphant and Eternal mode of consciousness. Intuition is with us always, even though we may not hear its voice or recognize its presence. It is continually true and loving, though we may not always heed its divine counsel.


       That it is the most stable power of the accomplished Adept is made evident in Aleister Crowley's version of the Book of Thoth. In his design of the Hanged Man, the key symbolic of completion of the Great Work, self-consciousness hangs from the cross of the Central Self. The right foot and both hands are fastened to three spheres (the supernals, Kether, Chokmah and Binah) with nails shaped like the letter Vav. On the Tree, Vav’s path begins in the second sphere, Chokmah. It terminates in the fourth sphere, Chesed, Jupiter, and ideas of universal beneficence. Intuition is the connecting link between the Voice of Our Father and all internal/external supply. Indeed, the fullest expression of our Intuition, Vav spelled in plenitude, equals the Hebrew noun for 'abundance', זיז, zeez, at 24. Since any one of the three supernals may indicate the combined energies of all three spheres, Crowley's symbolism for the Hanged Man here is even more evident. Caput Mortuum of personal consciousness hangs utterly reliant upon the One-Life, the One God in Three Divine Modes. The only sustaining power uniting one so suspended is Intuition, hence the nails formed of letter Vav. It is our only link to God within us. The state of the Hanged Man is not a single event. It is a permanent condition that grows stronger with our maturing spiritual life. Intuition makes itself felt and heard, gradually, toward an actual audible voice, as clear and concise as any private, memorable dialogue we may have experienced with our closest friend.


       'Fear of the Lord', as laid down by the classic fire philosophers and prophets of the past, is the loss of that intimate relationship once having attained it. After a certain degree of progress on our path, 'knowledge and conversation with our Holy Guardian Angel' grows keener. Any abuse of this intimate dialogue creates the cut-off and subsequent loss, which is a fearful prospect to anyone who has enjoyed it previously. On the Cube of Space, the Hierophant, Vav, and the second step of the Alchemical Process, CONGELATION (see same), are assigned to the South-East edge. This position joins all the energies we can enumerate under Sun symbolism on the South face, with those of Venus and the face East. These two energies are cause for both the separation from the Voice and the reunion with it.


       Some surface meanings of the Sun in exoteric astrology describe our separative individuality, our false ego rantings, while Venus symbolizes our creative imagery and desire nature. When these forces combine to strengthen the false identity, mesmerized through our base sense tendencies by all that which is without, we are far removed from the Still Small Voice. What our deluded, lower self may believe to be intuitions are actually false voices from the lower astral regions that stroke our pseudo self and goad our blind consciousness into more unwise actions toward ultimate disaster. With growing realizations toward what this life is, how it works, and how we may aid evolution in our destiny, the solar and venusian potencies become instrumental keys toward the Voice of True Instruction. 'Purified copper' and 'pure gold' work to turn the prodigal consciousness back to its center. Our outer, separative life, long the selfish beast, loosens its grip on our attention to 'selfies' of every flavor. The waxing, loving feeling from within is no match for our pseudo egos. We let it, and the 'old wo/man' personality die on the Central Cross daily, hourly. We grow by letting the Voice take over our moment by moment existence; our lives begin to shine 'Triumphant and Eternal'.

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