Way Back When...

Revised: January 2020


       Long after the Universal Mind vibrated those quarks, neutrinos and protons into animated microbes, consciousness took to building slightly better physical vehicles by the selection of light, water, air and food. This the One, All-Consciousness did in its myriad forms throughout endless ages. Change any one of these four elements radically and the residing One All-Consciousness will adapt its forms. The abundance of salty water on our planet allowed the ocean bottom microbes to adapt into sea plants, then sea critters and creatures. The abundance of oxygen allowed sea creatures to adapt into land creatures, then air creatures. The simplest of creatures began their sojourn in just that manner.

       For starters consider the lowly amoeba, a single-celled creature found ubiquitous in all times and climes. Its chemical composition is described:

“Chemical analyses showed the presence of lipid, protein, and carbohydrate. Mannose was the predominant neutral sugar. Analyses for three different strains of Amoeba were similar. Phosphate was found to be the major anionic group in the cell surface material. Sulfate, uranic acid, sialic acid, muramic acid, and nonamidated glutamic acid and aspartic acid were absent. Evidence is presented suggesting that the phosphate is associated with an unidentified nonreducing polyol.”1


       The italics in the quotation was inserted for emphasis because of the phosphates. It was found to be the major anionic group in the cell surface material in the three different strains analyzed. Phosphates are a primary key to the construction of tissue cells, and was accounted for over 10 % of the weight of the cell surface material. Tissue cells make all brain cells, bone cells, organ cells, epidermis cells; entire bodies.

       Amoebae don't get around much. Their tiny single-celled gelatinous bodies undulate along by stretching its edges in a zigzag type of locomotion. An amoeba can also extend the sides of its body to give rise to special structures known as pseudopodia (a tiny phony foot), which enables it to attach itself to something, and then "drag" itself. So, if the All-Consciousness is needing and wanting further investigations of Its Own creation, this simply will not do. Consciousness must adapt and evolve into something better.

       Then, after some more adaptations, along came the single-celled paramecium. Its chemical analyses show that along with the phosphate, which helps tissue cell structure in the amoeba, sulfate together with phosphate was found in the paramecium. Referring again to the quotation above, sulfate, among other ingredients, were absent in the amoeba. Now, with this second mineral substance included, the paramecium can manufacture slightly more sophisticated cell tissue to create an organism just a tad more cognizant. The paramecium is able to construct many more of those 'tiny phony feet' all around its edges to move along in any direction or in a straight vector. Moreover, paramecium are known for their avoidance behavior! If it encounters a negative stimulus, it is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees to find an escape route. The All-Consciousness is moving along now!

       It is not being suggested that tissue cells merely need mineral salts. A tissue cell 'community' is a group of cells that form an organ, like the heart, lung, kidneys, liver, and all the rest. All these organs and other parts need many other ingredients, like protein, amino acids and other acids, various fats and sugars just like the amoeba above. Zinc, carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, and D and myriad other elements are all required for healthy cell tissue. What is being stated is that the construction of all the tissue cells need the mineral salts for a firm foundation. All those other ingredients feed the solid foundations and keep them strong. Cell formation needs mineral salts, everything else is needed to feed them. Fortunately, those food stuffs rich with all the mineral salts the body requires also contain most of the supplemental vitamins and minerals needed to maintain those very tissue cells in a healthy state.

       Fast forward and all evolution progressed from many regions simultaneously. Phosphates coupled with sulfates. These two groups coupled with chlorides, and all three groups coupled with fluoride and pure silica. Single-celled microbes developed into multi-celled microbes. And the beat went on. Sea creatures evolved larger, more aggressive and clever. The oxygen content in early earth's atmosphere created giant vegetation, huge creeping critters, and monster lizards. Radical change evolved everything again and monster mammals roamed the surface. Foodstuffs changed with and for every creature. Food sources contained many more of the vitamins and minerals with which to fashion higher and smarter organisms, ever wandering, ever spreading, ever exploring every corner of creation. Subsequently the All-Consciousness adapted, modifying Its Own varied physical vehicles to explore the ever-changing new environments. And all this rooted from the mineral dust of the earth.

       Curious to corroborate creation stories I contacted the Choctaw Indian Nation in North America through their web site. I received an answer from Ms. Judy Allen, the Nation's Historic Projects Officer. She wrote back: "Some Choctaw believe that Nanih Waiya is the "Mother Mound" (Inholitopa iski) where the first Choctaw was created. As told by some Choctaw storytellers, it was either from Nanih Waiya or a cave nearby that the Choctaw people emerged. The Choctaws emerged as mud people and dried themselves in the sun. There are many variations of the story."


       Whether genus homo evolved from out of a mound or assembled from earthy dust or mud all seems the same by my way of thinking. And as an explanation for the varied colored races back then, would it not be logical that flesh pigments came about from the diverse mixtures of the indigenous elements; vitamins, minerals, food sources and climates? Makes sense.


       The Emerald Tablet, also known as the Smaragdine Table, is an undated, ancient text on Hermetics. Its first known appearance was in a book written in Arabic between the sixth and eighth centuries. The text was first translated into Latin in the twelfth century. Numerous translations, interpretations and commentaries followed. So is it recorded in Wikipedia. The third dictum, however, from any of those numerous translations of that tablet reads succinctly: "As all things are from One, so all have their birth from this One thing by adaptation." The ancient philosophers were very well aware. Since the Cosmos is One God Itself from the outset, and since everything generated from that one source is also God Itself...from Star Stuff, to the Dust of the Earth, to Us...I find it difficult for creationists to make any valid case against evolutionists, or vice versa. They're both right!

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1 An Abstract from the Chemical Characterization of the Isolated Cell Surface of Amoeba, by Howard J. Allen, Charles Ault, Richard J. Winzler, and James F. Danielli. Dept. of Chemistry, Florida State University, Tallahassee. This from the Internet.