White Work

Revised: April, 2021


       The White Work and the Red Work is essentially the raising of Consciousness through the Central Pillar of the Tree of Life. The Sphere of the body is Malkuth, the beginning and the point of departure. The Sphere of the Moon is Yesod, and the Sphere of the Sun is Tiphareth. So, we have the self-conscious vehicle of the body, subconsciousness (the Vital Soul), then the super-conscious Sun (the Central Ego).


       After the Black Stage of personality death, Caput Mortuum or Putrefaction in Maluth, we enter the White Stage of the Work, the White Work of the Moon. This is then followed-up by the Red Stage, the Red Work of the Sun (see RED WORK).


       These three major phases move us toward completion of the Great Work – embodiment by the One True Ego into His regenerated physical temple. The White Work of the Moon is an operation performed within subconsciousness, which Work transmutes the Saturnine (Lead) of the body into the Purified Intelligence of Yesod. The subconscious is the real basis of our personal life. It holds all the real secrets for the rebuilding of the ‘mystic Temple’ of our regenerated body organism. Those particular ‘secrets’ flow down from the Central Ego in the Red Work. It is the work of purifying subconsciousness by habitual suggestions from the self-conscious level. Subconsciousness is be cleared of all erroneous habit patterns and ignorant misconceptions accrued through this lifetime, and beyond, from previous incarnations. We labor to replace those patterns with ones which guide us closer to our goal of reunion with the Most High. Those patterns are initiated from the self-conscious level. Then the White Work of the Moon, through its deductive powers, interprets those newly suggested patterns. The reproductive powers of the automatic consciousness then comprehends these new patterns and reproduces them, primarily during sleep, then distributes the new imagery into the cellular consciousness throughout the physical body. The new thought patterns eventually become second nature.


       All our previous programming from parents, religions, mainstream academia, governments, work peers and society at large – while having meant well through their own darkness – have kept us in a group fear that has repressed individual spiritual unfoldment. Religion would certainly counter this statement, crying out that spiritual unfoldment is its very work. In truth, however, religions in their various flavors are, collectively, yet another illusion ready to rally violent forces against any other religion bleating the same; especially if their financial bases were threatened. They are all doing 'God's work' to smite heathen and protect their separative own. Breaking away, completely, from all these powerful impressions and suggestions swallowed over a lifetime is no quick, easy fix. Inner faith and discipline are required.


       The discipline is principally meditation and creative imagination. If we are more than sincere, however, there are spiritual exercises which hasten to dissolve and transcend the accrual of past, unwanted influences. We begin screening our reading matter to those authors who uplift the spirit. This may call for stretching our comprehension with the more arcane and enigmatic works of the masters to keep subconsciousness churning toward the center and source. We watch how the mind works. We learn to concentrate, to pull our thoughts back to imagery more positive. It would be wise to observe caution toward the multitude of self-help workshops that promise the same. No one is our personal savior accepting The Christ Consciousness.


       We are all so sensitively different in our personal alchemy. We have Our Master Savior within ready to come to us as eager as we are for Him. Persist! Meditation on Tarot Key imagery, the Hebrew/Chaldee alphabet, and the Tree of Life will automatically replace some erroneous subconscious patterns. Choose any alchemical imagery from drawings or woodcuts by masters through the centuries. Ponder them. Take them apart. What are they trying to teach? All this percolates in Balneo. Later, the hidden meanings rise and surface to the conscious level when we are busy with our daily rounds. If professional psychiatry offers a clearing method for you, then do so. Use care in the choice of confidence. We try not to trouble ourselves with deep negative imagery gathered from too powerful suggestions, perhaps even rooted from previous-life experiences. We each have problems unidentifiable, let alone acknowledged. The Red Work of Super-consciousness by the One-Ego will clear these for us from the inner side. This is key. It was the want of this trust that veered us away from That Center we are seeking now. Maintain with the Work. And God Bless. See Plate XXI - Splendor Solis under Articles

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