So, Who or What is Adam?

       The first time we come across the word אדם, adm, ‘man,’ is in Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness’...etc.”


       Adam (אדם, ADM) is the Hebrew term denoting “generic humanity, mankind, anthropo.” The word for “singular person, adult, husband, spouse” is איש, aish. In this first instance, in Genesis 1:26, this first Adam is the Archetypal, Primordial Man, אדם קדמון, Adam Qadmon of Qabalistic literature. He (they) is the Over-soul of all creation, all galaxies innumerable. He is NOT in a physical world, being archetypal of all worlds. He is NOT a big person in the spiritual world. ‘He’ was made, created, in Elohim’s דמות, damoth, ‘divine image,’and צלם, tzlem, ‘likeness.’ That is to say, in the Divine, creative imagination, and in their likeness, being that Adam Qadmon would possess all the power and glory of the Elohim, partaking in the nature of the celestials. Adam Qadmon dwells beyond the Qabalistic World of Atziluth. Beyond Adam Qadmon are the Three Veils of the Absolute. We, each of us, and all creation are minuscule pieces, tiny specs of consciousness, of Adam Qadmon. The four Worlds of Qabalah are Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. These four worlds also describe the creation in a spiritual plane, itself an archetype of our physical world.


       Another, physical Adam is described in Genesis 2:7. The 'second' Adam " formed of the dust of the ground." This occurred over millions of years through the evolution of minerals, vegetables, animals, and the primitive levels of hominids, through Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, into Homo Sapiens (please refer to the Articles Section from the Menu Bar above and tap From Dust Thou Art). There were hundreds of thousands of Homo Sapiens roaming the world on different continents due to the more or less simultaneous evolution of humans "formed of the dust of the ground". Religions in the Western Traditions would have us believe that populations of our planet began with a mere two humans in one location due to the earliest, erroneous transliterations of Hebrew/Aramaic scripts by individuals totally unaware of the hidden methods used by those early Qabalistic writers.


       Whereas, the Qabalistic teaching concerning Chapter Two’s Adam is that he is actually אדם הראשון  Adam ha-Rishon, ‘The First Man,’ meaning the first person who attained the Creator, not the first man on the face of the Earth. The esoteric stories of the Bible focused on the involution and subsequent evolution of the Spiritual Life. It does not deal so much with peradventures in this physical world except as where needed to further enhance and clarify the former.


      This second אדם, adm, ‘man,’ (as in 'mankind') falls from the Garden State described above. For the sake of receiving pleasure by desiring sensation in a physical world Adam [not an individual, but all of mankind, a collective] evolved into these current ‘sentient primate’ bodies through all the stages of life on this Earth as discovered by the anthropological sciences. The evolution into sentient primates occurred more or less simultaneously and independently of each other in various locales of our world. WE, all humans collectively, do not come from a single pair. Otherwise, simply, we would all have the exact same DNA.


       In the Genesis narrative this second Adam, broken into millions of pieces from the primordial Adam Qadmon, is you and I, all of us collectively, unfolding through our global history. The name in Hebrew, אדם, sums to 45 by its gematria. By altering the letters the word אמד, ahmed, means ‘estimator, appraiser’ as a noun; and as a verb ‘to estimate, appraise, assess.’ Every new thing we humans come across we instantly ‘name’ it something and categorize it with something else similar. In Genesis 2:19 it is written that the Creator “...brought creatures to the man to see what he would call them...” Moreover, the word מאד, mod, meaning ‘force, strength, will,’ suggests the essence of humans to endure. Each of the words also sum to 45, being a rearrangement of the same letters.


       The temurah of אדם, calls up letters ת ק י, which sum to 510. One word that sums to 510, תיק, tiyk, has the colloquial meaning of ‘task, burden, onus.’ It is suggestive of our collective burden to carry on with our tasks toward completion, wholeness.


       There will be more concerning Adam in the article Adam Through Seth – Genealogy II.


       Note: This portion above concerning Adam Qadmon, Adam ha Rishon, the breaking of the World Soul, the Fall, the Upper Worlds and all descending into this physical plane is very complicated, advanced Qabalah. The above should not be considered the complete, or even adequate, treatment of the topic. Nor could it be in such a short overview. Entire books are written about these very subjects. What was written here about Adam and his ‘lines’ could only be considered an outline.

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