The philosophers' Wine may have several meanings which must be taken in context. If they refer to the Red Wine and/or White Wine, these are the right and left nerve currents of Kundalini, poised at the base of the spine. In this context I would refer the reader to definitions, IDA, PINGALA, SURYA, RAYI and KUNDALINI.


       If Wine is used in a universal sense, they most surely are hinting at Universal Mercury, the hidden Mystical Earth, AIN SUPh AUR.


       Most often, however, the reference to 'our wine' is our blood. This is the prepared blood, charged with subtle essences from organs and glands, imbued with the Virgin's Milk, aerated in the bellows, and finally co-mingled within the pineal gland, gelling into the Amber Stone. Raymond Lully described the operation under the metaphor “Distilling of Wine,” which he also sometimes called Juice of Lunaria. He extracted the 'sweat' with a gentle Fire, as a white Water. Juice in Latin is CHYLUS, defined elsewhere in this site. DISTILLATION is also examined in this work. Please refer to the two terms for a better comprehension of Alchemical Wine. They would go a long way to render a better understanding behind the phrase of “Distilling of Wine.” All of this is a subconscious process, which is why Lully calls it “Juice of Lunaria.” Consider also the remarks of Jesus, recorded in Mark 2:22:

“And no man putteth new wine into old skins; else the new wine bursts the skins, and the wine is spilled, and the skins will be marred; but new wine is to be put into new skins.”


       The italics are deliberate to highlight the gematria in both Greek and Latin, the languages of the New Testament. 'New Wine' in Koine Greek is οινον νέον, oinon neon, and sums to 425 by Greek gematria. New Wine is post the distillation process “in the bowels of the Earth.” Theosophical Reduction reduces 425 into 11. This is the number of the Hebrew, אוד, o-de, the 'Fire of the Magic of L.V.X.' The Fire is Chylus, Juice, which enters the blood stream 'in the bowels,' the intestines. New Wine in Latin is vinum novum, summing to 144 in Latin Cabala Simplex. This number is shared with the Hebrew עדן, ayden, 'Eden.' The word, with different vowel-points, is also the word for 'time' suggesting Our Garden of Eden, then, is the physical existence through time. However, alchemist George Starkey knew this concerning blood and was prompted to remark in his Oil of Sulphur:

"Our blood being (to us) no other than, as it were, the very wine of our life, that being preserved, if it prolong not the life, at least it will keep it sound from those many diseases which proceed originally from corruption; by which means the life being sound, and free from diseases, and defended from pains and griefs, might be in some sort spun out into a further length than otherwise."1


       Biochemistry knows this to be true. It recognizes the need for a balanced mineral intake with twelve basic cell-salts. The twelve cell groups in our bodies are built from mineral salts, the 'dust of the earth' from which Adam was formed. The Biochemic Handbook from Formur Publishers, Inc., informs us from its back, paperback cover:

"Blood is to the human body what soil is to the plant. It is common knowledge that poor, exhausted soil will produce only weak, sickly plants. In the same way, poor blood, lacking in essential constituents, will produce weak, sickly bodies, prone to disease. By enriching the soil, the ill-conditioned plant can be made to recover and flourish. The recovery of the ailing human body can best be achieved by a similar process – by restoring to the blood the constituents in which it is lacking."


       A responsible, healthy diet takes mineral cell-salts into consideration. This gives us healthy, basic blood then enhanced by the Alchemical Process, producing Aurum Potabile (see same), the potable, drinkable gold. This is the reference to a New Skin or body, uter novus in Latin. Aurum Potabile and uter novus each sum to 138 from Latin Cabala Simplex, as does בן אלהים, ben elohim, 'Son of God.' The plural, New Skins, in the quotation from Mark 2:22, is utres novos, totaling 148, that of the Hebrew plural, בני אלהים, beni elohim, 'Sons of God.' It is also the number of נצח, netzach, 'Victory,' the seventh sphere on the Tree of Life. Netzach is the seat of the desire nature, KAMA MANAS (see same) of the Vedanta. The desire is reflected here, but rooted from the second sphere, Chokmah.


       Wisdom is also called Virgin Sulphur, and our desirous 'Oil of Sulphur' is the prepared blood, burning with intent for return to our Father. Blood prepares our bodies to raise the spiritual 'Oil of Sulphur,' Kundalini, which lights our lamps, the metals or chakras of the Yogis. Both the Latin and Hebrew words for 'wine' sum to 70 in their respective gematria. They are vinum and יין, yayin. Each of these sum up to equal hagnia, 'purity' in Greek, and filius, 'son' in Latin. This is yet another hint concerning the requisite purity of the Sons of God, purity of intent rather than anything else. The 'old skins' are the Sons of Cain. New wisdom-knowledge, the New Wine, brings pain to those who are not yet ripe for return to the One. 'Old skins' is utres veteres in Latin, sharing its number 160 with קין, Cain. Until we 'Green Lions' change our habit patterns, physically and spiritually, we cannot prepare our 'elixir' in the body laboratory. No amount of elixirs prepared in physical labs will be of any value. Beware of those peddling such concoctions. Refer to AURUM POTABILE and LAC VIRGINIS with the above.

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1 Starkey, George, Oil Of Sulphur. Edmonds, WA: Alchemical Press, 1984, pg. 6.