Z, Zain, ז


       Zain, ז, transcribed as 'Z,' numeration 7, means 'sword.' The numeration of the whole letter-name זין is 67, and spelled out in plenitude, זין יוד נון, ZIN YUD NUN, equals 193. Qabalists assign Zain to the Lovers Tarot Key, and on the Tree of Life to the path connecting Binah (Universal Subconsciousness and the Divine Soul) to Tiphareth (the Central, One-Ego). This seventeenth path, called שכל הרגש, Saykel ha-Ragash, the ‘Disposing Intelligence,’ transports Universal Knowledge and Intuition (seated in the Divine Soul) into the Central, Higher Self, and the Christ Consciousness (seated in the One-Ego). The verb, 'to dispose,' is rendered in standard dictionaries as:

1: To put in a particular or a proper order or arrangement; adjust; arrange.

2: To make fit, or ready; prepare.


       Since Zain is rooted in Binah, these are the exact functions of our Divine Soul. Under the definition of CORVUS NIGER (see same), it is suggested that many cultures around the world recognize the Crow symbol as that aspect of the Universal Self who is the Source or Door of the Art. It is in the very nature substance of who and what we are that we hold this knowledge inherent within ourselves, and that we are desirous of return. The gematria of Zain offers hints. Letter-name ZIN, at 67, equals BINH, Binah. It is also the gematria of Natura, 'nature,' and unus, 'one,' from the Latin Cabala Simplex.


This is Universal Nature (synonymous with God), the hidden One-Substance, defined by Paracelsus (see NATURE). The symbol for Sulphur, an upward-pointing triangle over an equal-armed cross, sheds more light if we take the triangle as number 3 and the cross as number 4 (See OCCULT GEOMETRY). Seven is thus produced and equal to the number of letter Zain.


       Sulphur in the West is equivalent to Rajasguna of the Yogis. Rajasguna is the virgin Intent, Desire and Will, attributed to Chokmah on the Tree. Universal Desire is the Life-Force that impregnates AMA, creating AIMA. Both these names are given Binah before and after Universal Sulphur is introduced. Therefore, in Zain both Father (Chokmah) and Mother (Binah) are strongly represented. Zain brings these combined influences into our Higher Self, union with whom an aspiring alchemist seeks by means of the Art. Yet the aspiration even is not of us. We are pulled into this work, and the source of the pull comes from Corvus Niger, the Divine Soul. Discrimination is allocated to letter Zain and the Disposing Intelligence. This is not a personal power. Discrimination comes through us, as suggested by the Archangel at center in the Lovers Tarot Key. We do not discriminate. As the dictionary definitions above suggest, the “arrangement, adjustment, readiness and preparedness” are performed by the Divine Soul, called the Beginning and Door of the Art. What we must do is first recognize what is happening through us, and then co-operate with it from the self-conscious level. We perform this by acts of attention and observation. These are key functions of the self-conscious mind, Mercury, who is the ruling power of Gemini, the zodiacal sign represented by the Lovers Tarot Key and the path of Zain. Refer to FIXATION.

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